About Womxn In Law

Womxn In Law was our first collection, but not the last Lady Justice Apparel™ collection! 

We believe self-identifying women belong in every space where the law is being taught, argued, created, legislated, administered, enforced and judged. In other words, every space affected by the law.

In naming our collection Womxn In Law, we chose to spell women with the letter “x” because we believe the law must be inclusive of all persons.

Lady Justice Apparelbrand apparel is not only primarily gender neutral, but is also 100% designed and created in Canada. 

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"Woman's Place is... Always on the Supreme Court"!

Lady Justice Apparel™ believes that a woman's place is always on the Supreme Court, but it's also where ever the law is discussed, decided, legislated and everywhere in between.
Lady Justice Apparel™ "A Woman's A Place Is...Always On the Supreme Court" Exclamation Design T-Shirt in Large

Inspiration for our "Woman's Place is...Always on the Supreme Court" T-shirt

Women in Law aren't always welcome in every room or place. Even in their own profession. Women lawyers in Ontario were required to change into their robes in a "Lady Barristers" robing room.

A room that was far from equal. While male lawyers had a robing room that provided more space, amenities and networking opportunities. 

So, Ontario women lawyers campaigned for equal space. In September 2019, the Ontario Court of Appeals opened a gender-neutral robing room. 122 years after Clara Brett Martin became the first female lawyer in the British Empire. 

That got us thinking.

The combination of  the online campaign by Ontario's female lawyers and their allies for a gender-neutral robing room, plus the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America and feminist icon, inspired us to create a short spoken word poem exclaiming and claiming our space and create our  "Woman's Place is....Always on the Supreme Court"! (Exclamation T-Shirt).


Lady Justice Apparel™  "A Woman's Place is...Always on the Supreme Court"  Exclamation Design in Size Small

Lady Justice Apparel™ believes a woman's place is in the courtroom, hearing room, robing room, board room, c-suite, partners table, cabinet table, every elected office, every judicial bench and always on the Supreme Court!


"Woman's Place is in Law"

No matter the practice area, Lady Justice Apparel™ believes a woman's place is in every area of law. 

Lady Justice Apparel™ A Woman's Place is Law T-Shirt Design in size small

Inspiration for our "Woman's Place is in Law" T-shirt

“You practice what area of law?” “Really you’re studying that?” There’s a prejudiced notion women lawyers are only suited for certain areas of legal practice. That areas such as business, commercial, tax, tech, intellectual property, securities law and the list goes on are best left to male lawyers. We object!

No matter the practice area, women belong in every area of law.  We couldn’t fit every area practice area on one t-shirt. So, we put together a non-exhaustive list.

When a self-identifying woman lawyer, law student or ally wears our “Woman’s Place is in Law” t-shirt they’re reminding everyone that a woman’s place is in every and any area of law.

 Lady Justice Apparel™  "A woman's place is in...law." t-shirt design

Lady Justice Apparel™ believes A Woman's Place Is In aboriginal, business, regulatory, family, immigration, employment & labour, real estate, securities, class actions, commercial, banking, insurance, health, tax, estate, international, environmental, animal rights, criminal, civil, IP & tech, litigation, legislative, human rights, constitutional Law.

Model sitting wearing Lady Justice Apparel™ "A Woman's Place is in Law" Designed T-Shirt

Because no matter the practice area of law you want to practice or study, women belong in every area of law!


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