Celebrating International Women’s Day with #LernersExclusive Edition

#ChooseToChallenge is this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. It’s a theme Lady Justice Apparel™ embraces daily. It’s kind of our thing. Bringing together our legal education and design to further the understanding of the law and Canadian legal history through our creative and activist-based designs.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be celebrating our first International Women’s Day by partnering with Lerners LLP to design a limited edition, the #LernersExclusive T-shirt.

As one of Ontario’s leading law firms when it comes to gender parity and their ongoing commitment to developing, promoting and supporting the interests of women in the law and in the community, we’re  excited to be partnering with Lerners LLP.

Through our partnership with Lerners LLP, we’re offering a #LernersExclusive Edition of our “A Woman’s Place…is Always on the Supreme Court” t-shirt to mark International Women’s Day 2021. 

Together, we’re celebrating that a woman’s place is not only in the law, but anywhere and everywhere the law is discussed, and important decisions are made.


Giving Back – Legal Fashion with Impact 

Giving back and supporting the community is part of the DNA at Lady Justice Apparel™. Like us, Lerners LLP also believes in supporting the community.

That’s why a portion of proceeds from the purchase and sale of the #LernersExclusive Edition shirts will be donated to the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.


#ChooseToChallenge & Support the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic 

Lerners Lawyer wearing Lady Justice Apparel™ #LernersExclusive Edition T-shirt

The #LernersExclusive Edition custom t-shirt is available for pre-order from March 8th to March 15th for shipping starting on March 31st

A portion of proceeds from the purchase and sale of these shirts will be donated to the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.


About the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

Logo Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic offers legal services and representation, trauma-informed counselling and multilingual interpretation to diverse women who have experienced violence. They cultivate women’s skills and resilience by fostering their safety, dignity, and equality, and they amplify women’s voices to create individual and collective change. 

The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic commemorates the aspirations of Barbra Teena Schlifer, a young lawyer who was murdered on the day of her call to the Bar of Ontario on April 11, 1980. Barbra’s friends, who were to be her law partners, along with many others, established a Clinic in her honour to commemorate her life and to make the difference that Barbra had hoped to make as a lawyer. 

Last year, they answered more than 5,100 calls, offered an astounding 80 individual group sessions, and provided a combination of services to nearly 9,000 women.  


About Lerners LLP

Lerners LLP logo

Lerners LLP believes that diversity, equality and inclusion are business imperatives that enrich their work environment creating greater synergy and balance for all, and view them as part of their commitment to excellence in all they do. 
For more than four decades Lerners LLP had women in senior leadership roles, and women lawyers know that Lerners is a firm where success as they define it is possible and where they can build a practice on their terms.
While Lerners’ leadership in this area came about naturally, it is something they work hard to maintain every day through their hiring practices, their culture, their support for the community, and the phenomenal women lawyers who chose Lerners to make their impact on the world.
Lerners LLP has grown to become one of Southwestern Ontario’s largest law firms with offices in London, Toronto, Strathroy, Waterloo Region and Owen Sound.  Theirs is a history of 90 years of successful client service and representation and today Lerners has more than 120 exceptionally skilled lawyers with abundant experience.