What Law Looks Like

What’s Happening When Someone Says “You’re a lawyer? Really?” Or “You’re not really a law student?”

“You’re a lawyer? Really?” Or “You’re not really a law student, right?” What’s communicated in these statements are coded language and a racist, sexist, ableist, heterosexist and classist bias implicit in societal norms and expectations. Often dismissed, but the impact of these utterances persists.


Challenging Stereotypes & Sparking Awkward Conversations

Lady Justice Apparel™ created our What Law Looks Like Collection to spark real conversations about equity, diversity and inclusion within the law.  

Wear your message. Declare to everyone This is what a Lawyer Looks Like or This is What a Law Student Looks Like. 

Own it. Defy legal stereotypes.

Inspire people to think beyond the stereotypes of what a lawyer or law student looks like. 

female and male models wearing t-shirts from Lady Justice Apparel™ What Law Looks Like Collection

  Wear it. Exclaim it. Own it. 

About Our What Law Looks Like Collection Designs

There’s a lot of thought, research and discussion that goes into every Lady Justice Apparel™ design. From the collection message, typography, design placement and of course the design.

For our What Law Looks Like Collection, we wanted to keep the focus on the person wearing the shirt. But also reinforce the message by re-interpreting the scales of justice to both underscore and focus the attention back towards the person.

We’re hoping that every law student and every lawyer who wears a shirt from the Lady Justice Apparel™  What Law Looks Like Collection helps everyone see the diversity in law and the need to expand society’s idea of what law looks like.

Part of each t-shirt sold from our What Law Looks Like Collection will go to support legal programs and legal clinics.


Please note that because part of each sale from our collections and limited editions are donated to a legal clinic, legal program, charity or are part of a fundraising initiative these items are non- refundable. All  Lady Justice Apparel™ designated as a fundraising collection purchases are final sale. 

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