About Our Collections

Womxn In Law was our first collection, but not our last Lady Justice Apparel™ collection! 

We believe self-identifying women belong in every space where the law is being taught, argued, created, legislated, administered, enforced and judged. In other words, every space affected by the law. In naming our collection Womxn In Law, we chose to spell women with a letter “x” because we believe the law must be inclusive of all persons.

 Lady Justice Apparel Womxn in Law Launch Collection



Future of Justice Collection

Anyone who advocates for equality for all and believes in justice is the future of justice.

To celebrate those who seek to set precedents, break barriers, smash glass ceilings, fight for justice or hope that the Supreme Court will reflect the diversity of Canada, these custom t-shirts are for you.

 Lady Justice Apparel™ female model wearing our Precedent Setting t-shirt in Toronto Ontario

You're precedent setting. You know it. Now let everyone know. 

Lady Justice Apparel™ Future Feminist Lawyer T-shirt Design

Declare your intention to smash patriarchy as future lawyer.  

Lady Justice Apparel™ Future Supreme Court Justice T-shirt Design
Send the message that you too can
become a Future Supreme Court Justice
Because you are the future of justice in Canada. 



 What Law Looks Like Collection

Wear the message. Spark the conversation with our What Law Looks Like Collection.

Lady Justice Apparel™  What Law Looks Like Collection Shirts


Let everyone know This is what a Lawyer Looks Like.

Lady Justice Apparel™ model wearing our What a lawyer looks like t-shirt reclining on Superior Court of Justice steps in Toronto Ontario

Declare This is What a Law Student Looks Like and inspire future law students.Lady Justice Apparel™ male model wearing our This is What A Law Student Looks Like t-shirt posing with Pillars of Justice Statute in Toronto Ontariorion












Wear the message and inspiring people to think beyond the stereotypes of what a lawyer or law student looks like.

When you buy a Lady Justice Apparel™ item from our What Law Looks Like Collection, a portion of the sale is donated to support legal clinics and programs.


Kids Collection 

Children don’t fall into the de minimis range at Lady Justice Apparel™

Lady Justice Apparel™ kids may be small, but they're important. You never will know where their feet will take them.

All Lady Justice Apparel™ infant and toddler garments are printed on Rabbit Skins Apparel manufactured garments which are 100% CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant. Making them baby safe and child friendly. 

Plus they are ethically made and gender neutral. For information on sizing, check out Lady Justice Apparel™ Size Charts in our FAQs.

Our Kids Collection is available now.

Coming Collections

More Lady Justice Apparel™ products focused on Canadian law, legal history and activism are being designed as you read this!

That’s not an opinion or obiter. It’s a fact!

Please note that because the proceeds of our collections and limited editions are donated to a charity or part of a fundraising initiative these items are non- refundable. All  Lady Justice Apparel™ designated as a fundraising collection purchases are final sale.  All Lady Justice Apparel™ designs are copyright protected ©
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