Supreme Court Collection

Supreme Surprise!

During inventory we found some of our very limited edition Supreme Court edition t-shirts we made to celebrate Honourable Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, the first Jewish woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada who retired last year on July 1st!

Since today also marks one year since Justice Abella retired from the Supreme Court of Canada and it's also her birthday, we thought what better day than today to open ordering of this very limited edition Lady Justice Apparel™ design.

Order yours today. This very limited edition Supreme Court edition design will be retired soon.

All Lady Justice Apparel™ Supreme Court Collections Designs are copyright protected©.


Like all Lady Justice Apparel™ garments, your supremely inspired t-shirt celebrating the Honourable Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella comes in inclusive unisex sizing. Plus you have the choice of two colour Portraits of Justice design and also our two colour Quotable Courts silk screened design.

Whether you’re wearing it doing legal law like things or when you’re out and about, and why not it’s 100% combed rung-spun cotton, know that its ethically made and meets WRAP Principles.

All Lady Justice Apparel™ designs are copyright protected ©


About Our Supreme Court Collection

Increasing the understanding of the law and Canadian legal history is central to the Lady Justice Apparel™ mission. But who says you can’t use fashion and creative activist based design to educate and inspire?

 The Lady Justice Apparel™ supremely inspired Supreme Court Collection aims to do just that.

Our Portraits of Justice series of designs are focused on highlighting the persons who have shaped Canadian law and jurisprudence. People can access our blog articles to learn more.

Also, our Quotables Courts series will feature quotes from speeches, legal cases and journal articles that inspire.

That’s right, we do legal research along with design! We even slog through citations for some of our designs!

Expanding the Bench

As we grow, we will be elevating and expanding the Lady Justice Apparel™ bench (sorry, not sorry we couldn’t resist). Helping educate everyone on Canada’s legal history.

And, yes we will be highlighting Canada’s judicial lower court history too!

Like all Lady Justice Apparel™ collections and limited editions, we give back. A portion of the net proceeds from our collections will be donated to a legal clinic, organization or legal initiative advancing the rights of self-identifying women, girls and equity seeking groups in Canada.


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Please note that because part of each sale from  our collections and limited editions are donated to a legal clinic, legal program, law school scholarships, charity or are part of a fundraising initiative these items are non- refundable. All  Lady Justice Apparel™ designated as a fundraising collection purchases are final sale.

All Lady Justice Apparel™ designs are copyright protected ©