Our Story

Lady Justice Apparel™ brand is a womxn-owned and operated Canadian microbusiness. Launched in January 2021.

We started as a way to help women’s legal organizations raise money and amplify their messages.

Bringing together our legal background and education with our design backgrounds to amplify Canadian legal education, feminism and community voices.

We are passionate about the law, feminism, design and sparking conversations about the law. 

Lady Justice Apparel™ focuses on more than pith. We believe in substance!

The fact remains that self-identifying women, 2SLGBTQIA+, non-binary, gender diverse and BIPOC persons are under-represented in the Canadian legal profession.

Through our designs, we also hope to inspire discussion about the retention of self-identifying women, 2SLGBTQIA+, non-binary, gender diverse and BIPOC persons in the law and equitable representation.

Our Mission

Lady Justice Apparel™ aims to increase the understanding of the law and Canadian legal history through creative activist based design.

Empowering legal minded people and all Canadians through primarily gender-neutral casual apparel designed in Canada. 


About Our Name

Around the world and historically, Justice is represented as a female figure. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the goddess Ma’at, who embodied justice and truth. When a person died, she balanced their heart on her scales against the Feather of Truth.

The Greek goddess of divine justice, Themis, wearing a toga sits or stands in judgement. Her daughter Dike, who is the Greek goddess of justice and moral order on earth.

black and white linocut image of Justicia

Justicia, the blindfolded Roman goddess with a sword in one hand, scales in her other hand as she steps on a snake is the most well known image of justice. Over the centuries, these judicious goddesses were reduced to merely “Lady Justice”.

Inside, out, etched on an inside courthouses around the world are these images of lady justice.  Yet, when it comes to justice, historically self-identifying women, gender diverse and BIPOC persons have and continue to suffer systemic barriers in accessing justice.  

We believe the “Lady” needs reclaiming.  At Lady Justice Apparel™, the “Lady” includes all self-identifying women, gender diverse, non-binary, 2SLGBTQIA+, BIPOC persons and any person who believes in the principles of justice.

Lady Justice Apparel™ is for everyone and anyone who supports equity, feminism, justice and believes in the rule of law.


Our Ethical Focus

At the end of the day, we believe equity is rooted in fairness and brings value only through practice. We’re not perfect. But we work every day at being better. That’s our ethical focus.

We're committed to identifying ethical, equity based and eco-friendly suppliers.

Lady Justice Apparel™ may be a microbusiness but that doesn’t stop us from advocating for equity in our supply chain and eco-friendly processes.

Cutting Down Textile Waste Through Pre-Ordering

From the start, Lady Justice Apparel™ has made artisanal law themed small batch t-shirts a thing. We create limited artisanal small batches of casual clothing and accessories. Cutting down on overproduction. Limiting the amount of textile and fashion waste produced by our brand.

We've included more pre-ordering so we can even cut down further on textile waste. Through pre-ordering we only generate what you want. Making sure we aren’t contributing to the fashion waste problem.

The downside is sometimes you will have to wait a little longer for your Lady Justice Apparel™ gear to arrive. But the upside is you’re supporting artisanal small batch apparel and minimizing your personal eco footprint too!


Our Designs

Lady Justice Apparel™ is designed in Canada for legal minded people. We work with and support Canadian artists. Collaborating with our artists throughout our design processes. Ensuring our designs are singular and match our mission.

Even our simplest looking designs have a lot of research and design in them.

We work with and support Canadian artists. Paying them for their work. Crediting them for their work and legally protecting Lady Justice Apparel™ design work. All Lady Justice Apparel™ are copyright protected.


Featured Artists

Lady Justice Apparel™ is designed in Canada for Legal Minded People. We work with and support Canadian artists. Collaborating with our artists throughout our design processes. Bringing together our legal backgrounds and their design backgrounds.

Cori Torres (She/her)

Photo of Cori Torres a featured artist for Lady Justice Apparel™

Métis Pyrographer artist Cori Torres is known for her use of natural elements. Based in British Columbia, Cori creates personal, one-of-a-kind symbolic wooden handcrafted pieces.

She burns her attention to detail along with flexibility and undeniably passionate aptitude for her craft and artistry into each creation.

Cori’s stylized use of focused flame etched into high-quality materials creates artwork that is not only thought provoking but also eye catching and unique. 


Elizabeth Sullivan (She/her)

photo of Elizabeth Sullivan

Inspired by creative livable design, Elizabeth Sullivan is digital and film photographer based in Toronto. She graduated with a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University.

Elizabeth has deep interest in urban design and architecture. She aims to further her artistry and design education and aspires to become an Architect/Urban Designer.


Giving Back

Lady Justice Apparel™ started as a way to give back by helping women’s legal organizations and programs raise money and amplify their messages. A portion of our net sales from each collection or limited edition apparel goes back into the community.

Giving back is in the DNA of the Lady Justice Apparel™ brand.

When you buy a Lady Justice Apparel™ item from one of our collections or limited editions, a portion of the sale is donated to a legal clinic, organization or legal initiative advancing the rights of self-identifying women, girls and equity seeking groups in Canada. 


Our Collections & Limited Editions

Lady Justice Apparel™ continually launches new collections and limited editions that speak to our mission and vision. That's why we donate a percentage of the net profits from all our collections and limited edition apparel in supports a specific legal initiative or cause.


Creating Custom Limited Editions for You

We also create custom limited editions for law firms and campaigns. Working with your law firm or organization, Lady Justice Apparel™ will craft a unique legal themed limited edition apparel.

From the design phase, material sourcing, packaging and fundraising, Lady Justice Apparel™ creates custom limited editions that give back to the community.

For more information about the Lady Justice Apparel™ brand or on creating custom limited editions for your law firm or campaign contact us


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