Consciously focusing on eco-friendly processes

Today is Earth Day and Lady Justice Apparel™ takes being eco-friendly seriously. That's why we don't engaging in drop shipping or use print on demand services.

There's been an explosion of t-shirt manufacturing as some companies can realize healthy profit margins using drop shipping and print on demand services without taking responsibility for what they produce.

Ever wondered why someone can sell a shirt or clothing for under $30.00 and make a profit without giving back? It's easy if you don't manage your supply chain. Especially, because drop shipping, in particular, is a great way to off load inventory management and inventory responsibility.

The downside of drop shipping and print on demand services is you don't know what manufacturers or processes are being used to create your shirt. Is your design being produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes? What types of ink are being used? How are they working towards reducing fashion waste? Is your shirt produced in a sweatshop? 

Lady Justice Apparel™ Ethical Focus

If we cannot identify the manufacturers, types of production eco-processes they use or the labor processes used in manufacturing Lady Justice Apparel™ items, then we won't work with that company. We choose to take responsibility for our supply chain.

Lady Justice Apparel™ identifies and only works with manufacturers and screening companies using ethical labor practices, eco-friendly processes and are actively looking for ways to reduce waste.

Plus, we believe in not adding to fashion waste. This means taking responsibility for our inventory. Not off loading inventory responsibility onto a third party.

Instead we focus on conscious and careful artisanal small batch production and printing. Allowing us to ensure we are not over producing items but consciously creating law themed apparel that Lady Justice Apparel™ supporters can be proud to wear and minimizing fashion waste.

This is part of our environmental ethical focus. This is one of the ways we are working everyday towards ensuring the future of our planet.

Lady Justice Apparel™ Earth Day Blog Graphic