Introducing Lady Justice Apparel™

Lady Justice Apparel™ believes advocacy matters. We are passionate about law, feminism, design and sparking conversations.  

As Lady Justice Apparel™ started developing designs for our Womxn in the Law campaign, we realized that we could be doing more. By bringing together our legal background and education with our love of design, we could amplify Canadian legal education, feminism and community voices.

We focus on more than pithy legal slogans. We believe in substance!

We’re committed to highlighting Canadian legal history and the law through design. Also, blogging about facts and issues faced within the Canadian legal system and Canadian legal history.


Under-Representation in the Canadian Legal Profession

Lion and Lamb Sculpture by Nathan Philips Square in Toronto Ontario

Did you know most Canadians don’t know that self-identifying womxn, LGBTQI2S+, non-binary and BIPOC persons are under-represented in the Canadian legal profession.

The systemic barriers within the legal profession impact not only the legal profession, but clients.

Lord Hewart, Lord Chief justice of England, in Rex v Sussex Justices [1924] 1KB 256 stated: “Justice must not only be done, but must also seen to be done.” A phrase that’s been repeatedly quoted and used within the legal profession. But what if a person does not see themselves represented within the judicial system or within the legal profession?

For instance if a person does not see a judge or lawyer who can relate to their lived experience, how do you think a person would feel about their ability in accessing legal services or chances of succeeding in court?

How does a person have the confidence to enter the legal profession if they don’t see people like themselves already serving as a judge, as a lawyer, as a law firm partner, as a crown prosecutor, as a mediator and so on.

It’s a big issue. One that is seen being discussed, but not necessarily one being resolved.

While we don’t have the answers, Lady Justice Apparel™  hopes to inspire discussion about the retention of self-identifying women, LGBTQI2S+, non-binary and BIPOC persons in the law and equitable representation through both our first collection and future designs. 


Lady Justice Apparel™ Mission

Lady Justice Apparel™ aims to increase the understanding of the law and Canadian legal history through creative activist based design.

Empowering legal minded people, feminists, self-identifying women lawyers, law students, articling students, their allies and all Canadians through gender-neutral casual apparel designed in Canada. 


Supporting and Giving Back

When you buy a Lady Justice Apparel™ item from one of our collections or limited editions, a portion of the sale is donated to a legal clinic, organization or legal initiative advancing the rights of self-identifying womxn, girls and equity seeking groups in Canada.


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