Meet a Lady Justice Apparel™ Precedent Setter — Amee Sandhu, Founder of Lex Integra

Amee Sandhu Founder and Principal Lawyer of Integra Law

Amee Sandhu is a precedent setter in so many ways. When she’s not working or out on a run, she’s lifting spirits.

That’s what she did for the Lady Justice Apparel™ Team when she sent us a selfie of herself  wearing our Precedent Setting t-shirt from our Future of Justice Collection after she finished healthy run.

As a lawyer with over 20 years of experience working with clients in Canada and internationally on pursuing proposals, transactions and projects, Amee has helped clients manage their risks and create new possibilities.

She began her legal career as a corporate/commercial lawyer on Bay Street in Toronto. Over the years, Amee has worked for major engineering and construction companies working internally in legal, ethics, compliance and commercial operations.

Being both a lawyer and entrepreneur, Amee went on to found and build  Lex Integra which focusses exclusively on business law and corporate ethics. She is a frequent speaker on ethics, compliance programs, anti-corruption law as well as equity, diversity and inclusion issues.

If that isn’t enough, Amee also teaches business law at the university level, volunteers and finds time to help build a better communities.

Thank you Amee Sandhu, Founder and Principal lawyer of Integra Law for setting precedents and inspiring us to start our customer profile series.