Celebrate Persons Day

Commemorating Canadian Women’s Personhood

It’s hard to believe. Canadian women have only been considered persons under the law for 94 years. That’s why October 18, 1929 is historic.

It’s the date when Canadian women were included in the legal definition of "persons". 

So, it’s never forgotten that persons includes women, Lady Justice Apparel™ created our Persons Day shirt.

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The word "person”… “may include members of both sexes, and to those who ask why the word should include females, the obvious answer is why should it not.” Edwards v. Attorney General of Canada, [1930]  AC 124 (PC)

Although Canadian women were now consider "persons", the 1929 decision didn't include racialized women such as Indigenous women and women of Asian heritage.

However, the Persons Case decision was the beginning of the long march towards gender equality for Canadian women. One fight self-identifying womxn and racialized women are still fighting.

Celebrate Persons Day with the Lady Justice Apparel™ Persons shirt  and carry on the fight for all persons. 

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