Our Ethical Focus

Our Ethical Focus

At the end of the day, Lady Justice Apparel™ believes equity is rooted in fairness and brings value only through practice. We’re not perfect. But we work every day at being better. That’s our ethical focus.

We‘re committed to identifying ethical, equity based and eco-friendly suppliers.

Lady Justice Apparel™ may be a microbusiness but that doesn’t stop us from advocating for equity in our supply chain, fair labour practices and eco-friendly processes.


Giving Back

Lady Justice Apparel™ started as a way to give back by helping women’s legal organizations and programs raise money and amplify their messages. A portion of our net sales from each collection or limited edition apparel goes back into the community.

Giving back is in the DNA of the Lady Justice Apparel™ brand.

When you buy a Lady Justice Apparel™ item from one of our collections or limited editions, a portion of the sale is donated to a legal clinic, organization or legal initiative advancing the rights of self-identifying women, girls and equity seeking groups in Canada. 


Our Collections & Limited Editions

Lady Justice Apparel™ continually launches new collections and limited editions that speak to our mission and vision. That's why we donate a percentage of the net profits from all our collections and limited edition apparel in supports a specific legal initiative or cause.