Why Lady Justice Apparel™ Is Mixing It Up And Moving Towards More Pre-Orders

Every Day is Earth Day at Lady Justice Appareil

Lady Justice Apparel™ is a microbusiness and we’ve only been around for 1 year. Meaning we don’t have giant pots of cash or investors backing our brand.

Instead, we’re a small passionate team with a love of law themed casual apparel and accessories that’s focused on doing things differently.

By giving back money to support legal clinics and initiatives, paying fair wages for work, protecting the work of our artists and continually assessing our environmental impact. This is part of our ethical focus.

Cutting Down Textile Waste Through Pre-Ordering

From the start, Lady Justice Apparel™ has made artisanal law themed small batch t-shirts a thing. We are committed to working with manufacturers and screening processes that are eco-friendly. That’s never going to change.

We also design artisanal small batch law themed collections. Limiting the amount of textile and fashion waste produced by our brand. Likewise we minimized our ecological footprint on the shipping end. We don’t engage in split shipping. We ship only once. When we have your full order. Cutting down on the carbon footprint of shipping our customers’ orders.

But we wondered what else we could do. What other practices could we make more eco-friendly and work towards a sustainable future?

So, we started looking at textile and fashion waste. We already only worked with Platinum WRAP Certified manufacturers. These manufacturers’ processes are certified as being more eco-friendly.  Where else could we cut or reduce textile waste and lower our collective environmental footprint? Ordering.

Traditionally, t-shirts and other apparel brands project sales and purchase accordingly. This can lead to a lot of fashion waste.

In fact, the BBC reported “[t]he average American has been estimated to throw away around 37kg of clothes every year.” That’s because fashion, especially casual wear is viewed as disposable. And clothing manufacturers know people won’t think twice about purchasing a cheap t-shirt or casual wear. There’s an environmental cost to cheap $20 t-shirts and fast fashion.

Lady Justice Apparel™ Customers are Law Themed Apparel Enthusiasts Who Care

Thankfully, our customers are law themed apparel enthusiasts! Meaning Lady Justice Apparel™ creates limited artisanal small batches of casual clothing and accessories. Cutting down on overproduction. Which leads to less fashion waste. But we believe there’s more we can do.

You may have noticed that Lady Justice Apparel™ is including more pre-ordering. That’s because pre-ordering gives us another chance to limit textile waste.

Through pre-ordering we only generate what you want. Making sure we aren’t contributing to the fashion waste problem. The downside is sometimes you will have to wait a little longer for your Lady Justice Apparel™ gear to arrive. But the upside is you’re supporting artisanal small batch apparel and minimizing your personal eco footprint too!

Will Lady Justice Apparel™ be 100% focused on pre-ordering? Well like the start of every legal answer: “it depends”.  

We will be including more pre-ordering across  collections. However, some of our collections which have more intensive screening needs, like our Pride in Law collection, will continue to be created in artisanal small batches.

One thing is for sure, Lady Justice Apparel™ is focused on being better everyday.