Why We Custom Gift Wrap All Lady Justice Apparel™ Orders

Lady Justice Apparel offers Custom Gift Wrapping

Lady Justice Apparel™ custom gift wraps each order. It's our way of thanking you for supporting our local microbusiness and the programs we support. Plus, we ensure any custom gift wrapping does not add to the shipping weight.


Working Towards Limiting Package Waste

When we were looking at super lightweight packaging for our Lady Justice Apparel™ items all we found were endless poly plastic apparel bags or suffocation warning bags. 

It was near impossible to tell if the plastic bags were made from recycled materials or just plastic bags, which are already causing environmental issues. We didn't want add to the increase in plastic bags in landfills and the environment so we looked at alternatives. Using cardboard boxes added weight and costs we felt Lady Justice Apparel™ customers shouldn't have to pay. Fabric bags again added cost and weight.

That's when we looked at tissue paper.

Lady Justice Apparel™ Custom Wrapping

We use tissue paper not only because it's extremely light weight and won't  damage your Lady Justice Apparel™ item, but because a lot of tissue paper is made from recycled paper.

However, while the majority of tissue paper is derived from recycled paper this means it can't be re-recycled because the fibers are too short. However, some cities do accept tissue paper in their recycling program. Always check with your local city recycling program's guidelines.

Our No Tape Approach 

Very little tape can be recycled. In fact, the standard plastic adhesive tapes are not recyclable. They contain polypropylene or PVC. There are a few eco-tapes such as water activated tape, but that would mean we would have to increase the use of potable water for commercial purposes. So, what to do?

After much folding and experimentation we discovered we could wrap a Lady Justice Apparel™ item using 1 to 2 stickers maximum to seal the package. This eliminated the need for plastic adhesive tape and we could thank our customers with a thank you sticker.

Wrapping it Up with Reusable Ribbon

Nothing says gift like wrapping it all up with a ribbon. Fabric ribbons presented a challenge from a recycling perspective and also added extra costs to shipping for customers. Since we wanted super lightweight ribbon that wouldn't add to our customers' shipping costs, naturally raffia was our first choice.

However, raffia was made from strips of the raffia palm tree grown only in Madagascar. While 100% completely natural raffia is sustainable, the raffia ribbon sold usually undergoes processing which makes it not the best environmental choice. 

Also, Madagascar's palm trees are continually facing extinction from habitat loss and palm heart harvesting. We couldn't support wrapping our Lady Justice Apparel™ items up with raffia. That's why we chose wrappia or synthetic raffia.

While wrappia is synthetic, it is made from a vegetable cellulose. Not only that, it is reusable. Artists and crafters have been using synthetic raffia in knitted or crochet projects, basket weaving, embroidery and even to make jewelry. Making wrappia or synthetic raffia a suitable alternative.

Working Towards More Environment Wrapping

Like our Lady Justice Apparel™ garments, we are always reviewing the ecological footprint of what we are creating. It's why we are committed to continually reviewing and finding  better and more environmental ways to custom wrap our garments. 

In the mean time, you can be confident knowing that every Lady Justice Apparel™ item is custom gift wrapped with your needs in mind. We made choices that don't add to the cost of shipping and that take the environment into consideration.